NB 3-4/4-4

NB 3-4 and NB 4-4 delaminate at at similar times, expressing similar palettes of molecular markers. We found a clone to be derived from NB 3-4 that was very similar to that reported to be derived from NB 4-4 by Schmidt et al (1997). We could not distinguish a NB 3-4 clone from a NB 4-4 clone. Thus we conclude that we are either misidentifying one of these NBs consistently, or that one of these NBs dies consistently when we label it, or that the clones derived from NBs 3-4 and NB 4-4 are extremely similar to one another and cannot be distinguished at the present time.

Wherever possible we show movies with 2 or more clones, in order to show how the clones are arranged in relation to one another.

All clones are at stage 17, unless otherwise specified.