engrailed + en-lacZ

Expression: engrailed (en) is expressed in NB 1-2, the median NB, and all row 6 and 7 neuroblasts from the time of their formation through S5. Check out the map for details. At stage 16 en is found in a subset of neurons both in the anterior and posterior compartments (see Cui and Doe, (1992) for the names of neurons).

Phenotype: Unknown

Other remarks: The 4D9 anti-invected antibody can be used to follow en expression. It makes a good landmark for positioning and double-labels.

References: The Flybase reference for en might be useful.

4D9 reference: Patel, N.H., Martin-Blanco, E., Coleman, K.G., Poole, S.J., Ellis, M.C., Kornberg, T.B., & Goodman, C.S. Cell 58: 955-68 (1989).

en neurons: X. Cui & C. Q. Doe Development 116: 943-52 (1992)

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