Expression: fushi tarazu (ftz) is expressed in MP2 at S3 and both sibling neurons at least transiently. ftz is expressed in the glial precursor and progeny for an undetermined length of time. ftz expression in neuroblasts is summarized on this map. ftz is also expressed in a subset of GMCs and neurons. This includes GMC1-1a and its progeny neurons aCC and pCC and GMC4-2a and possibly progeny neurons RP2 and RP2sib.

Phenotype: Doe et al. (1988) found a loss of eve in RP2 in ftz- embryos. There was no change in MP2 neuron axons. There were severe axon defects, but this may be caused by incomplete rescue of segmentation.

Other remarks: ftz-lacZ lines might be the most common lacZ lines around. FM7, CyO and TM3 balancers can be found that contain a ftz-lacZ constructs that express in the CNS. Some of these maintain expression in the ftz+ neurons into stage 16.

References: The flybase reference for ftz might be useful.

CNS expression and pheno: C. Q. Doe, Y. Hiromi, W. J. Gehring & C. S. Goodman Science 239: 170-5 (1988)

ftz lacZ lines: Hiromi, Y., Kuroiwa, A., & Gehring, W. J. Cell 43: 603-13 (1985)

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