Expression: mirror-lacZ (mir-lacZ) is a P-element insertion in the mirror gene (H. McNeill and M. Simon, pers. comm.) and its expression is summarized on this map. At stage 9, the anterior row of S1 NBs (1-1, 3-2, 2-5) are mir-lacZ+. At stage 10, the S2 NBs 1-2 and 2-2 begin to express. During stages 10-11, the NBs 6-1, 3-4, the glial precursor, the median NB, and all row 2 NBs express. All mir-lacZ+ NBs delaminate from mir-lacZ+ ectoderm. The NBs and the overlying ectoderm show reproducible differences in the levels of b-gal protein, with the most medial NBs (1-1, 2- 2) and all row 2 NBs showing the highest level of expression. mir-lacZ is found in a subset of neurons and glia in the stage 16 nerve cord including aCC and pCC and the longitudinal glia. The expression in these and other cells suggests that mir-lacZ might be lineally maintained.

For other expression or phenotype, contact Helen McNeill of Mike Simon's lab at Stanford University.

References: mirror has no Flybase entry, yet.

CNS Expression: Broadus, J., Skeath, J.B., Spana, E.P., Bossing., T., Technau, G. and Doe, C.Q. Mechanisms of Development, in press, 1995.

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