Expression: odd-skipped (odd) expression at S1 is in NB1-1 and NB2-5 and the first GMCs of each. See map for odd expression during S1 to S3 neuroblast waves. odd expression is repressed in GMC1-1a at about the same time that eve is turned on. At S3, odd is expressed in MP2 (and MP1) and is found in dMP2, vMP2 and MP1s after division. odd is quickly repressed in vMP2, but is maintained in dMP2 and MP1 into stage 16. odd is stronger in MP1 than dMP2. We have not looked at S4 or S5 in detail, but it does not look like odd is expressed in any neuroblasts at this stage.

For expression outside the CNS, contact Ellen Ward and Doug Coulter of St. Louis University. They have generously donated their excellent antibody for CNS studies prior to its publication and we are very grateful.

Phenotype: Not examined, yet.

Other remarks:

References: The flybase reference for odd might be useful.

Expression in NBs 1-1 & 2-5: Broadus, J., Skeath, J.B., Spana, E.P., Bossing., T., Technau, G. and Doe, C.Q. Mechanisms of Development, in press, 1995.

Expression in MP2 lineage: Skeath, J.B., Zhang, Y., Holmgren, R., Carroll, S.B. and Doe, C.Q. Nature 376, 427-430, 1995. and Spana, E.S., Kopczynski, C., Goodman, C.S. and Doe, C.Q. Development, in press 1995.

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