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Paul Dassonville
Paul Dassonville

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
B.S., 1986, Texas A&M University
Ph.D., 1992, UCLA

Research Interests
Neural basis of sensation and perceptual awareness; sensorimotor integration

Complete Publications

1. Schlag, J., Schlag-Rey, M. and Dassonville, P. (1989) Interactions between natural and electrically evoked saccades. II. At what time is eye position sampled as a reference for the localization of a target? Experimental Brain Research 76:548-558.

2. Schlag, J., Schlag-Rey, M. and Dassonville, P. (1990) Saccades can be aimed at the spatial location of targets flashed during pursuit. Journal of Neurophysiology 64:575-581.

3. Schlag, J., Schlag-Rey, M. and Dassonville, P. (1991) Spatial programming of eye movements. In Brain and Space (ed. Paillard, J.), Oxford University Press, Oxford.

4. Dassonville, P., Schlag, J. and Schlag-Rey, M. (1992) Oculomotor localization relies on a damped representation of saccadic eye displacement in human and nonhuman primates. Visual Neuroscience 9:261-269.

5. Dassonville, P., Schlag, J. and Schlag-Rey, M. (1992) The frontal eye field provides the goal of saccadic eye movement. Experimental Brain Research 89:300-310.

6. Schlag-Rey, M., Schlag, J. and Dassonville, P. (1992) How the frontal eye field can impose a saccade goal on superior colliculus neurons. Journal of Neurophysiology 67:1003-1005.

7. Dassonville, P., Schlag, J. and Schlag-Rey, M. (1993) Direction constancy in the oculomotor system. Current Directions in Psychological Science 2:143-147.

8. Dassonville, P., Schlag, J. and Schlag-Rey, M. (1994) Just how different are perceptual and visuomotor localization abilities? Behavioral and Brain Sciences 17: 258-259.

9. Schlag, J., Schlag-Rey, M. and Dassonville, P. (1994) For and against spatial coding of saccades. In Visual and Oculomotor Functions: Advances in Eye Movement Research (eds. d'Ydewalle, G. and Van Rensbergen, J.), Elsevier, Amsterdam.

10. Dassonville, P., Schlag, J. and Schlag-Rey, M. (1995) The use of egocentric and exocentric location cues in saccadic programming. Vision Research 35: 2191-2199.

11. Dassonville, P. (1995) Haptic localization and the internal representation of the hand in space. Experimental Brain Research 106:434-448.

12. Port, N.L., Lee, D., Dassonville, P. and Georgopoulos, A.P. (1997) Manual interception of moving targets. I. Performance and movement initiation. Experimental Brain Research 116:406-420.

13. Dassonville, P., Zhu, X.-H., Ugurbil, K., Kim, S.-G. and Ashe, J. (1997) Functional activation of motor cortex reflects the direction and extent of handedness. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 94:14015-14018.

14. Schlag, J., Dassonville, P. and Schlag-Rey, M. (1998) Interaction of the two frontal eye fields in monkey prior to saccade onset. Journal of Neurophysiology 79:64-72.

15. Dassonville, P., Lewis, S.M., Zhu, X.-H., Ugurbil, K., Kim, S.-G. and Ashe, J. (1998) Effects of stimulus predictability on cortical motor activation. Neuroscience Research 32:65-74.

16. Dassonville, P., Lewis, S.M., Foster, H.E. and Ashe, J. (1999) Choice and stimulus-response compatibility affect the duration of response selection. Cognitive Brain Research 7:235-240.

17. Dassonville, P., Zhu, X.-H., Lewis, S.M., Kim, S.-G., Ugurbil, K. and Ashe, J. (2001) The effect of stimulus-response compatibility on cortical motor activation. NeuroImage 13:1-14.

18. Awh, E., Serences, J., Laurey, P., Dhaliwal, H., van der Jagt, T., Dassonville, P. (2004) Evidence against a central bottleneck during the attentional blink: Multiple channels for configural and featural processing. Cognitive Psychology 48:95-126.

19. Dassonville, P., Bala, J.K. (2004) Are the original Roelofs effect and the induced Roelofs effect confounded by the same expansion of remembered space? Vision Research 44:1025-1029.

20. Dassonville, P.*, Bridgeman, B.*, Bala, J.K., Thiem, P., Sampanes, A. (2004) The induced Roelofs effect: Two visual systems or the shift of a single reference frame? Vision Research 44:603-611. (*First two authors contributed equally.)

21. Dassonville, P., Bala, J.K. (2004) Action, perception and the Roelofs effect: A mere illusion of dissociation. PLoS Biology 2(11):e364 (web) or 1936-1945 (print). See also the PloS synopsis: One brain, one vision. PLoS Biology 2(11):e414.

22. van Donkelaar, P., Dassonville, P. (2004) Further evidence for, and some against, a planning-control dissociation. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 27(1):52-53.

23. Walter, E., Dassonville, P. (in press) Semantic guidance of attention within natural scenes. Visual Cognition.

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