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Institute of Neuroscience Faculty

John Postlethwait
Professor, Department of Biology
B.S., 1966, Purdue
Ph.D., 1970, Case Western Reserve

Research Interests
Genetic regulation of animal development including development of the nervous system, the mechanisms of sex determination, the origin of novel morphologies in evolution and the evolution of the vertebrate genome.
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Fun Runs

a couple minutes with ... John Postlethwait:

Eiger runFanconi Anemia Symposium Run to base of the Eiger
Geneva, Switzerland
September 2005

Switzerland run

Eiger runs

Rogue river run Rogue River Trail Run
40 miles, about 8 hours
John Postlethwait
& Tim Godsil

Sydney run Invited Plenary Lecture
International Developmental
Biology Society

Sydney Marathon
Sydney, Australia

September 2005

Sydney marathon run


Black Forest Early morning run

Tom Titus and
John Postlethwait
Black Forest, Germany

September 2005

blackforest run

Eiger runStickleback Hunt
John Postlethwait in water
Bill Cresko behind camera.

Grewingk Glacier
Kenai, Alaska

Masai Marathon
Ngorongoro Crater
Tanzania, East Africa

February 2005


ChinaFour lectures on Zebrafish Development and Genetics

Tsinghua University, China

December 2004


New Zealand, Australia
Oceana Zebrafish Meeting

Tangariro Crossing
North Island, New Zealand

February 2003

Tangariro crossingTangariro crossing

South Sister

South Sister Skirt Run

John Postlethwait,
Tom Titus

24 mile trail run skirting South Sister, OR in less than 8 hours

September 2007

south sister runJohn Postlethwait

ChinaBill Cresko

AntarcticaAntarctic Icefish Midwinters Day Marathon,
Palmer Station Antarctica.
Paul Queior and John Postlethwait

June 21, 2008.

Antarcticia run

Norway Lecture: Icefish and osteopenia
SARS Center for Marine Biology.

On Saturday 1 November, walk with Daniel Chourrout to top of Floyen (left hill) then down and back up to top of Ulriken (right mountain with tower), return running past Bergen harbor.

October 2008,
Bergen Norway.


Bergen, Norway

Illinois river 29 mile run on Illinois River Trail, in southern Oregon. With Tim Godsil (ORSA), Mark Sasaki (UO ION zfish post-doc), and Charlie Ward (Planned Parenthood). Didn't get a photo of the bear, but he was kinda far away, like 25 or 30 feet.

October 19, 2008.

Illinois river bridge

Illinois river run

Norway September 5, 2008.
24 mile Skirt South Sister run.

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