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DeLaurier Movies

Huycke et al movies

Zebrafish craniofacial skeleton movies from segmented confocal images

Zebrafish craniofacial skeleton movie from segmented OPT image


Hindbrain Segmentation

  Rhombomere formation.

Rhombomere boundaries form between the 4-somite and 15-somite stages.

Pharyngeal Segmentation

Cranial neural crest cells migrate in three streams and form seven pharyngeal arches as the most posterior streams branches into five arches. In animals with reduced fgf8 the branching of the posterior stream is variably defective, resulting in animals with fewer pharyngeal segments.




Opercle Bone Development

  Opercle time-lapse fate map

Dorsal posterior second arch crest cells form the bone-secreting cells surrounding the Opercle.


Neurocranium Development


smoothened mutant

Cranial neural crest cells fail to condense on the stomodeum in the absence of Hh signaling